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      Complete scenario

      Build a project from scratch


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Be a superhero

      Your tutorials are always complete and up to date

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Course example published from the Labotuto platform

Learn how to code your first Android mobile application in only 1 hour

  • You'll learn to build a project which is a quiz game.
    The rules are simple:
    The app display the name of a country, and four possible answers.
    Select the capital of the country to win a point.

  • The frontend is an hybrid mobile application:
    - Write 1 source code, and deploy to different platforms: Android, iOS, ...
    - Use web standard technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • The backend is a server and a database to save the data of the application and check if the answers are wrong or correct.

    When the Course is finished, you'll be free to customize it. You only need basic skills in HTML and programming.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Phonegap
  • Groovy
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