This Course was checked for the last time the : 2016-03-23


 James B.

 46 minutes

Create an hybrid mobile application which is a quiz game where you have to find the capital of the countries.

Technologies used:
- Frontend : HTML/CSS/Javascript
- Backend : Groovy + SpringBoot
- Android app generated in the cloud with *

* : iOS app build possible with an 'Apple developer certificate'

Execute following tutorials:

  1. Run an Ubuntu environment in the cloud with:
  2. Update Linux system package lists
  3. install NodeJS v4.2.3
  4. [optional] Install Cloud9 an online code editor
  5. Install Phonegap
  6. Create new Phonegap project
  7. Phonegap project : Add support for the Android platform
  8. Phonegap project : add basic plugins
  9. Create Quiz Mobile App Frontend
  10. Set the server IP address in the frontend
  11. Install and run Mongo Database
  12. Install Java 8 - Oracle
  13. Install SDKMan
  14. Install Groovy 2.4.4 with SDKman
  15. Install Gradle 2.9 with SDKman
  16. Install Haveged for entropy problem with some Java applications
  17. Fill database with country names and capitals
  18. Create Quiz Mobile App Backend
  19. Get your credentials for
  20. Build Android app remotely
  21. Test the Android app on your mobile